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A simpler way to chart a career path

OpportuNext from The Conference Board of Canada is a free-to-use career tool created in partnership with the Future Skills Centre.

Whether you’re looking for your next step or a completely new direction, or assisting someone else on their own career journey, OpportuNext can help you plan a career path with a similar skillset.

Job placement organizations

Offer more tailored help to job seekers and employers

  • Identify more job opportunities for your clients
  • Help job seekers find and navigate career pathways suited to their specific skills
  • Highlight skill overlaps to identify qualified candidates for open positions


Find job seekers with the skills you're looking for

  • Recognize employees who can be trained into new roles
  • Find unexpected candidates for your open positions
  • Help your employees plan their professional development

Job seekers

Discover careers that suit your skillset

  • Learn how you can apply your skills to new careers
  • Plan your next professional transition
  • Find training and tools to help you make your next move

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a career transition tool?

OpportuNext helps you quickly identify, and easily explore, your most promising career paths. It is designed to highlight options that are both viable because they require many of the skills and abilities you already have, and desirable because they offer positive employment growth prospects and will pay you similar or better wages. Learn more here.
Enter your current job title in the search bar. The predictive text feature will show you several job title options — select the one that best matches your interests and click enter. You can browse the list of top career options that appears.
Once you click "View details” on a career match, you will be taken to a job profile page. You can make this career a favourite by clicking the heart. The job profile is now saved to your "Favourites”, which you can access through the navigation button at the top of any page.

Bridging Generational Divides—Digital Skills in the Trades

Tradespeople today will need a range of new digital skills to keep pace with the future of work. This summary of The Conference Board of Canada's Bridging Generational Divides report looks at how Canadian apprenticeship training can adapt to the future of work.

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